18 New Years Resolutions for 2018

Hello my friends! As the year comes to an end, it is undeniable that New Years Resolutions are on the back of everyone’s minds. In the past, I, along with many others, have not fully committed myself to a resolution.

Today, I want to share 18 resolutions with you all in honor of 2018. These are some of my personal resolutions that I encourage you all to draw inspiration from, or use for your own personal growth and development. By sharing these with you, I feel that I will hold myself more accountable – plus, we can all use this as a reference if you need to get back on track!

As a blogger, and someone who uses Instagram as a source of income, it can be challenging to detach myself from my phone. Nowadays, we spend so much time on devices. I always avoid thinking about it, but I definitely need to cut back on screen time in 2018. I have downloaded the Moment app, which allows you to manage your screen time with reminders and limits!

Step Outside of My Comfort Zone
Our personal boundaries that we subconsciously set tend to hinder us from growing. Stepping out of one’s comfort zone is a broad concept, but it is important to discover your own boundaries and overstep them. Every time we do things that are outside of our comfort zones, the fear, stress, and anxiety slowly dissolve away.

Daily Gratitude Check-ins
If you are the type of person who can stick to journaling, try journaling daily about 3-5 things you are grateful for! Truthfully, I don’t like keeping a journal. I’m such a perfectionist, and seeing my own handwriting everyday everyday just makes me that much more critical.Before I fall asleep, I like to think of a few things that I am grateful for, without repeating any. It’s sort of like a bedtime prayer, except I am connecting with myself and my soul, rather than a higher power. I plan on continuing my daily gratitude check-ins that I’ve recently begun doing.

Lighten Up
Since I was little, I’ve always been a serious person. While I can be really goofy and funny, as you can see by watching my Instagram Stories, a lot of the time I tend to take life a little too seriously. I try to remind myself that nothing is really that serious. Ever.

Drink More Water
This is honestly so important to so many aspects of your health. Water helps your skin, immune system, energy, and weight loss, among so many other things! If you drink soda or juice, replace that with water. I personally only drink water, tea, or coffee, but I just do not drink enough water throughout the day. A great way to encourage hydration is by carrying around a cute water bottle, and refilling it a few times throughout the day!

Put Aside Time For Creativity
I currently study health science and business in college. While both of these fields really work with different skills and activate different parts of my brain, nothing compares to the mental state I’m in while creating. Drawing, painting, crafting, and creating are so vital to my happiness. There are so many people who insist that they are not artists. I truly believe everyone is a creator, once they’ve found their niche. It doesn’t have to be a fine art like sketching – writing is an art too. Some other ideas include creating a mood board, a playlist, or even videos.

Eat Mindfully
Like many other activities in life, eating is something you should do mindfully. Eating should be a nourishing experience for your body and mind, and should be enjoyed with no regret. By eating clean, whole foods, and eating mindfully, you can fuel your body properly. Mindful eating may be different from person to person, but for me it means cutting out processed foods and junky foods, as well as portion control. For you, mindful eating may be more focused on what you eat, or eating with all of your five senses. Evaluate your eating habits and ask yourself, “how can I be more mindful when eating?”.

Invest in Your Future
I have not made many big purchases in my life so far, but when I do, I try to make sure they are always purchases that I will benefit from now, and in the future. For instance – if you are a blogger or an aspiring photographer, invest in a quality camera and lessons on how to use it. If you are an artist – invest in high-quality materials. If you are an aspiring model, invest in a plane ticket to visit Fashion Week! Find your niche and invest in something that will further you in your journey. Trust me, a quality program will pay off!

Pass Less Judgment
It’s simply human to be judgmental. The steps to becoming less judgmental are different for each person, but the first step is always acceptance. The only thing we can do is try to take control of these thoughts, and eventually, it will become natural to dismiss them as soon as they occur. When I notice myself silently judging someone, I tell myself to stop! A major step is to try to avoid harsh words, and avoid making others the topic of conversation.

Eliminate Toxic People
When you read this resolution, did someone specific come to mind? If they did, chances are, they are a toxic person. It feels really refreshing to distance yourself from a toxic friend. Toxic people are people who do not support you, or want the best for you – those who are jealous, and perceive you as a threat. These types of people will only trouble you, or act as road bumps in your life journey. By eliminating them yourself, you are avoiding future issues. Put yourself first, always.

Live Like A Teenager
Whether you are 14 or 44, try to live like a teenager. By this, I don’t mean sleep until 3pm and have a Subway footlong for lunch. I mean: do the things that scare you. Go out on a weeknight and don’t worry about getting to bed on time. Call up your friends and arrange a fun group outing, and don’t worry about the future.

Break Bad Habits
We all have our vices. Studies have shown the two leading causes of bad habits are boredom and stress – and our bad habits are just coping mechanisms for that. In order to break bad habits, we must first try to eliminate boredom and stress. After that, it’s all about replacing your bad habits with good ones. If this is something you need to work on, this article really walks you through it.

Buy Yourself Something Nice
I have been on this money-saving kick lately, which I can’t complain about. I have been putting some money aside to buy myself a lil’ sum-sum. hahaha. Pinterest actually has
TONS of money saving plans, depending on how much you can afford to tuck away. There are gradual plans, where you slowly increase your daily or weekly savings. Or, there are plans where you can save a specific amount weekly, which is great if you have a bigger purchase in mind. Treat yourself!

Compliment Someone You Admire
There are so many people in my life, and on social media, who I admire. I basically have friend-crushes on half of the people I know. Don’t be afraid to compliment someone you admire, even a stranger! We often let fear prevent us from doing this. I know that sometimes I use the excuse “Oh, I’m sure she hears that all the time”. In 2018, I want to spread more kindness, and complimenting the people I admire is one way!

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Learn a new skill
It’s so important to keep learning new things. Whether you’re a busy student, a stay-at-home-mom, or someone with a LOT of free time, try to put time aside daily to practice a new skill. I received a new DSLR this year, and in 2018 I want to learn how to use it without all of the automatic settings! Some other ideas are learning a new language (or sign language), learning how to code, or learning how to do yoga!

Say “Yes” More
I get it, no one wants to be a “Yes Man” (or Yes Woman)! But there comes a time when you need to just to say yes. Sometimes, I delay my responses and end up talking myself out of going somewhere or doing something. Next time someone asks you either for a favor, or to go somewhere, just say yes! The worst that can happen is that you don’t enjoy it. Then, you know to say no next time.

Plan a road trip
My best friend and I are planning a road trip up to Canada! It’s so much fun to sit down and make a game plan of all the places you want to go while on your road trip. Make a pretty little list, and check them all off as you travel!

Make a spontaneous decision
Planned trips are great, but so are spontaneous ones. If you live within a train ride to a major city, wake up one day and go. Other spontaneous decisions could include a new hairdo, a night out, or a visit to see an old friend! Sometimes the best plans are those that spring up suddenly, so invite a friend along with you and enjoy the ride!


  1. December 29, 2017 / 10:51 am

    Wow! I really, truly love this. This was chalk full of sound advice that resonates to me and I think can be resolutions not just for a new year but for any time in your life. I love your writing and will have to sift through more of your posts. I love your energy! I really loved this part:
    “Break Bad Habits
    We all have our vices. Studies have shown the two leading causes of bad habits are boredom and stress – and our bad habits are just coping mechanisms for that. In order to break bad habits, we must first try to eliminate boredom and stress. After that, it’s all about replacing your bad habits with good ones. If this is something you need to work on, this article really walks you through it. ”

    So good!

    Courtney / The Heart of a Flower

  2. December 29, 2017 / 3:56 pm

    Great post! I have a few of the same resolutions!!

  3. December 29, 2017 / 5:16 pm

    Amazing resolutions!! I am getting to work on mine!

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