2 Ingredient PB Chocolate Truffles

If you couldn’t already tell, peanut butter & chocolate is my ultimate favorite flavor combination. Like many others, however, I want to clean up my act this year when it comes to snacking. These peanut butter chocolate truffles are a great healthy alternative to any candy, and they only call for two ingredients!

This recipe doesn’t use exact measurements, just because you can make a small serving to a huge serving and all the steps remain the same!

All you’ll need:
Powdered peanut butter – any kind will do, I personally love PBFit!
Chocolate chips – these ones are allergen/vegan friendly.

First, fill a bowl with some powdered peanut butter. I used about 2 cups for a large serving.

Add water by the tablespoon or 1/4 cup and mix until a dough forms. You do not want your dough to be sticky! Add more powdered peanut butter if it gets sticky. I ended up using between 1/2 to 1 cup water, added very gradually.

Roll your peanut butter dough into truffle-sized balls, and freeze them!

Once frozen solid, melt some chocolate and dip the frozen peanut butter balls in. Make sure that they are completely covered, because any open spots may cause excess moisture to soften the chocolate.

Refrigerate for 30 minutes so that they are no longer frozen, but still cool! Now you’re ready to enjoy one of these tasty treats. Or 3 of them. It’s okay, I won’t judge you.

Store in the fridge! Be sure to tag me on instagram if you you make these, I’d love to see your recreations! @juliettiful.

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