I’m the type of person who cannot drop an idea once it pops into my head. One day I was feeling inspired by cute animals and had this infatuation with a boho-fairytale vibe… I thought to myself, “how fun would a photo shoot at an alpaca farm be…” and I instantly thought to DM the most creative blogger I know, Nicole from Nicole in Colour. She was super enthusiastic about it, so we created a little group chat with Sara of Saragfotog, and decided to meet at Southwind Farms in Watertown, Connecticut.
I’ve never really met an alpaca before, and I don’t think anything could’ve prepared me for how adorable and sweet these animals are. It was absolute bliss being able to cuddle these creatures. They’re so playful and curious – they are just like puppies with long legs.
Nicole, Sara and I got to hang out with the alpacas, feed them hay, cuddle them, walk them, and hang around the farm until their 7:30PM bedtime – honestly same. These ladies both brought their cameras and took some incredible shots. You can really feel the pure bliss. Enjoy XO