8 things for the end of 2018

More often than you’d expect, I hear people say how they can’t wait for 2019 because 2018 wasn’t great… I don’t think I’ve ever looked back on a year and had negative thoughts. 2018 was an especially great year. It’s easy for me to reflect and look back on the year I had, but lately I have felt so happy and fulfilled so I figured that I would reflect and share 8 things that have been going on recently in my life.

1. Towards the last quarter of the year, I began a daily mindfulness ritual that has led me to manifesting so many amazing things like self love, big Instagram collaborations, making more money, and even clearing my acne. I’m by no means an expert on spiritual stuff but it has definitely become a big part of my life & I look forward to learning more.

2. I found a candle combination that is a little strange but smells AMAZING – I burn Capri Blue Volcano at the same time as a Trader Joe’s gingerbread candle and the scent is something I’d describe as either A) baking cookies in the middle of Anthropologie or B) citrus christmas (x10… tongue twister)

3. Rob and I took a trip down to the beach I grew up on to shoot for UGG x Zappos. It was an overcast day but it was mild out and it was such a dream. He snapped some shots of me, and helped me get the perfect shot for the campaign. We explored some local shops. The Connecticut shoreline can be a bit gloomy in the winter, but it was a really dreamy day. It was the perfect balance of nostalgia and newness – I was so happy to share the place I grew up with him.


4. I got an heated blanket and it has absolutely changed the coziness game. Nora loves it too. 10/10.

5. I found out I’m very deficient in vitamin B12 – I’m getting that taken care of, and I can’t wait to start feeling better… my levels were below 100 and the normal is 400. I basically always have headaches & I get pretty short of breath at night. But now I’m getting injections, taking supplements, and eating foods high in B12!

6. I’ve helped over 50 people successfully grow their Instagram pages 1000-3000 followers a month. It’s been a super rewarding journey and I get so much joy from helping people with this! It is my part time job and work for a company that specializes in IG growth.

7. I spent all of fall looking for a winter boot that is cute and functional in the New England winter weather. UGG sent me a few pairs of shoes and one of them was their Adirondack Boot III – it’s the perrrrrfect winter boot – it’s definitely a bit more fashionable than the ever popular bean boot, and they’re super comfy and warm for my cold toes. This isn’t sponsored, by the way, just my UGG Instagram content was. I just really love the boot!

8. We have a trip coming up … Florida in January – we’re going to relax and warm up a bit – nothing crazy planned. We are DEFINITELY going to go paddle boarding, explore the beaches, and maybe go to this sea turtle sanctuary! I can’t wait. I’m already over the cold.