sharing my favorite denim…

I’ve never had a trusted, tried & true pair of jeans. Sure, I’ve had some pairs that I liked, and would choose over others. On the flip side, I’ve also had jeans that sat in the bottom of my drawer for months. One rainy day, I felt daring, and pulled on the pair that sat at the bottom of the drawer, only to rip them off a minute later because of the stiff denim and uncomfortable waistband. Denim doesn’t have to be stressful. In fact, I encourage you to find a pair of jeans that you look forward to putting on. 

Somehow, somewhere, someone mentioned J. Crew denim to me. I couldn’t tell you who, because I don’t remember haha. I just remember going into the store because they offer a nice student discount and had a denim sale going on. I walked out with my first pair of their eco-jean. Pulling these jeans onto my body felt like MAGIC. I used to feel indifferent about high rise, but this pair hits right in a sweet spot where it’s not too high waisted. The denim itself is the perfect mix of stretch & straight – it hugs in all the right places.  Plus, there is a classy button fly that balances with the cool raw, cropped hem. They also come in petite and tall! WIN! The denim is made from sustainably dyed organic Italian cotton. Not only is the material sustainable, but the actual manufacturing was done using renewable energy and recycled water. The facilities that produce the eco-jean are solar powered and have miniature windmills (umm… cuteeee!)  that save 5.3 million kilowatts of energy per hour (that’s a lot).

In these shots I am wearing the vintage straight eco jean with button fly. I paired it with this fun little bodysuit that showcases floral and animal print. I also love wearing these slides with my jeans – they look so funky and fun with the cropped hem! I pulled the look together with my LV & an $8 pair of sunnies… because #balance.