best quarantine snacks to stock up on!

Hi friends, how are you? I know it sounds like a loaded question but I genuinely care and hope you have been dealing with this change of life as well as you can. It feels like I’m adapting well to this stay-at-home lifestyle now that I have a solid routine going on. In a world full of zoom calls, homemade bread, and sweatpants, I’m beginning to realize that I was most afraid of change.

When this lockdown was announced, my biggest fear was adjusting to this new pace of life. But here I am, doing the damn thing! I have my time set aside for productivity and moving my body, and instead of looking forward to going out on the weekends, I look forward to the little treats in life. That being said: I have found so many yummy and wholesome foods and drinks that make life at home that much sweeter. Many of my favorite food brands are those which are made with honest nutritious ingredients, and those that make the world a better place. In this post, you can read all about my favorite treats to have on hand during this period of self-isolation.


Morning time is so beautiful and sacred to me. At the beginning of this self-isolation, I spent a lot of mornings sleeping until 11 and starting my day late. Now that I’m back into a routine, my morning time is so valuable. I love to set aside time for myself to start the day and practice mindfulness. Since we are all staying home, there is no excuse to skip the most important meal of the day. Oatbox checks off all the boxes – handcrafted, clean ingredients, and an ever-changing variety of flavors. I am loving their carrot cake granola lately… sooo good. This monthly box has your back with high quality granola, oatmeal portions, and breakfast bars. I topped my smoothie bowl with their carrot cake granola the other day… drooool…

If you use the promo: Juliettiful when shopping with OatBox, you can get your first OatBox worth $62 for only $35, packed with granola, oatmeal pouches, and breakfast bars. 

Emmy’s Organics

Coconut is one of my favorite tastes in the world. Emmy’s Organics makes these little coconut cookies that are vegan, organic, and… addicting. Luckily the ingredients are super clean which make these the ideal snack. They’re especially lovely to pair with your daily hot tea or coffee, and come in SO many yummy flavors. I love the vanilla bean flavor, but the dark cacao and peanut butter flavors are my runner-ups.


These chocolate truffles are on another level. It may sound crazy, but Nyrvana’s chocolates are healthy, and not in the “dark chocolate is good for you” kind of way. They don’t contain any sugar, have 1 net carb, and have added nootropics such as Alpha GPC, L-Theanine, and B12 for improved brain function. I am alllll for getting smarter while you satisfy your chocolate craving. Not to mention, they are sooo delish – I definitely prefer the peanut butter truffle. I know good quality chocolate when I taste it…


My go-to snack, ALWAYS. This brand makes my favorite plantain chips of all time, and I love to dip them in guac or salsa… they are absolutely beyond what you’d expect out of a plantain chip. SO. DANG. GOOD! I also was just introduced to their chewy banana bites and banana brittle for a sweet snack and I am in love with them. The peanut butter banana bites literally taste like candy, and the brittle is my go to late night snack. Barnana upcycles bananas which reduces food waste. Did you know about 56% of all food wasted in Latin America happens before the food even reaches distribution? When bananas are scuffed, banged up, or not the perfect size they are rejected for export.  Barnana uses these products to reduce waste. And my heart swelled up when I read that they helped 350 indigenous families in the Amazon become organic plantain growers. AMAZING WORK GUYS!

Flying Embers Brew

Listen, I don’t drink too often. However, of all the times to have alcohol on hand… I would say a global pandemic is probably one of the most crucial times. I’m not realllly a beer or liquor girl, but when I say I STRUCK GOLD with these hard kombuchas I am not exaggerating. They’re soooo crisp and smooth, and taste incredible. Just like normal kombucha, they have live probiotics. Oh and they are 0 sugar and GF/VEG! I had one by the fire the other night… the black cherry flavor is so good. I also realized AFTER drinking that this flavor was 7.2% ABV hahaha. You can sip it from the can, on the rocks, or even mixed into a cocktail.

Honestly, all of these goodies are one of the main reasons I haven’t gone absolutely crazy yet!

all opinions are my own! some products may have been gifted, but I am entirely honest in my reviews.