40 Things That Make Me Smile

Sometimes I feel like I romanticize the little things in life too much. I worry that I am so full of appreciation for things in this life, that I’ll never be able to express it in words. I don’t plan on being a writer, as I often struggle to find the right words to describe how I feel. I realized that there are so many little things that bring me joy, and although there is not one all-encompassing, comprehensive term that describes my feelings, I can list out some of them in hopes that you reading this will find some that you relate with. Here are 40 little things in life that bring a smile to my face.

1. Genuine kindness from strangers
2. When a coffee shop doesn’t charge extra for non-dairy milk
3. Coming home from college to see that mom has added more plants to the house
4. Anticipating a concert, vacation, or future event
5. Laughing so hard that your stomach hurts
6. Falling in love with a book so much so that you read it in one day
7. Finding cute boutiques while traveling
8. Making banana muffins and putting heaps of chocolate chips in the batter
9. The smell of a bonfire lingering in your hair far after it stops burning
10. Blissful silence
11. Singing every word to any song by The Strokes with my best friend in the passenger seat
12. A pair of jeans that was practically made for you
13. Taking a break from homework to jam out to throwback songs
14. Hot baristas. Or smoothie-shop-workers
15. The pleasant surprise of showing up somewhere unaware that there’d be live music
16. Feeling the sun on your skin
17. Entertaining Uber drivers – if you can hold a conversation, or better yet, make me laugh – you get 5 stars
18. Finding a bird’s nest in the front yard and periodically checking back on the eggs to see if they’ve hatched
19. FINALLY getting all of the water bottles out of the car
20. Delicate simple jewelry
21. Realizing that a high school bully did NOT age gracefully (Google “Schadenfreude”, I’m not a bad person, I swear)
22. People who aren’t afraid to dance and be silly in public
23. My newfound appreciation for eating oranges in the shower
24. Not being able to move when a puppy falls asleep on you
25. Reconnecting with an old friend and picking up right where you left off
26. The smell of the pavement in the spring
27. Putting almond butter in a smoothie bowl and feeling the coldness start to harden it up
28. Lying down after a shower and not moving for a solid 45 minutes
29. Watching someone’s eyes light up when they talk about something they’re passionate about
30. Wes Anderson movie marathons
31. FULL PHONE BATTERY. Enough said
32. When a song you loooove comes on in public
33. The mildly unpleasant stickiness on your skin after spending a day by the shore
34. Showering before getting into newly clean bedsheets
35. Looking through old photos and videos and remembering the exact feeling you had in that very moment
36. Fresh coconut water that’s been warmed by the sun
37. Dogs that look as if they’re smiling
38. Feeling the air while running on a foggy morning
39. Finding a shirt so comfortable that you buy it in every color
40. Staying up way too late with your favorite people and knowing that you’ll be exhausted in the morning, but disregarding every notion of possible regret.

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