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5 Ways I Stay Sane While Learning Full Stack Web Development

Hi! I can’t believe I have a moment to write my second blog post this month given I’m halfway through my 6 month coding boot camp. I have been feeling super inspired to write lately, and I was struck with the idea for this post when talking to a classmate. It was midnight on a Friday, and we messaged each other back and forth on Slack.

I was about to sign off for the night, and sent her a message to say “see ya in the next class!” when I realized that the next class is only 9 hours away. We have to be on zoom in… 9 hours… for Saturday’s class. It’s basic math – if I get my full 8 hours of sleep I’ll have an hour to prepare for class. I need to run and do laundry and get some IG stories up and….


I took a step back and realized that I was overdue for some time away from the keyboard. Here are 5 ways I’ve kept sane these past 3 months of writing code.

– staying hydrated & limiting caffeine intake 

As much as I want an endless supply of coffee, I have been setting a limit lately. It’s for the better. I would have a caffeine IV if I could, trust me, but it started messing with my sleep/wake schedule and that is no bueno. So I cut back, and have been drinking SO much water. This helps my skin and face look hydrated, and I swear sometimes plain ol’ h2o helps my energy levels and satiety just as much as a cup of joe would. 

– blue light blocking glasses!

If you don’t already have a pair of blue light blockers, you are missing out! I saw a meme during quarantine about how we go from small screen, to medium screen, to big screen, back to small screen all day long… it’s even more true with my double monitor setup going on for coding. Blue light glasses are a proven way to protect your eyes by blocking harmful rays from your screen. I used to get tech headaches before wearing blue light glasses, but I have been feeling a lot better since wearing them! I love mine from Diff Eyewear – they make them in Prescription, Non-Rx and Readers. They’re super stylish as well – you may just be the baddest b in your zoom classroom with adorable frames like these.

– sleeping with my phone in another room

This one has been a huge plus – sleeping with my phone in a separate room prevents me from scrolling myself to sleep, a habit which I’ve embarrassingly had for the past few years. Now, I just pop my OLLY Sleep Gummies, and count sheep until I doze off. It’s so weird to think I haven’t really done this since I was a kid without a phone. It’s always been on my nightstand. The best part, which is also the worst part at 7am, is that I actually have to get out of bed and walk across my apartment to turn my alarm off. Ay dios mio. 

– massages & posture awareness

I always thought most of my muscle pain came from my workout – running takes a toll on my psoas muscles, and that affects my legs and my upper body. So, when I started going for regular massages again (hallelujah), I was so surprised to hear my massage therapist tell me that most of my issues stem from being seated at my desk, not as much from running… That being said, I have been checking in with my body throughout the day. I try to make sure I don’t lock my knees when standing, and that my sit bones are perfectly flat to my seat at my desk. Try doing a full body check scan and seeing where you hold stress! Better yet, book that 60 minute massage. You deserve it beautiful. Don’t let nobody tell you different…. hahaha.  

– spend at least a day away from coding

Whether you are a web developer in training or not, it’s important to take a break from your screens – yes, all of them. Go outside and get some fresh air! Or, don’t. Just get off the screen. That means no small screen, medium screen, monitor attached to the medium screen, or even the biiiig screen. Your eyes needs a break, and so does your mind.

thank you for reading, and cut yourself some slack!

(that was a message to myself but I bet you needed to hear it too.)

Web Development Portfolio

Employee Template Generator

command line application uses node, npm, javascript, dynamically generates a webpage for an engineering team.

link to github repo

Employee Template Generator

README.md Generator

This project uses javascript, node, npm, and markdown to dynamically generate README files from user input.

link to github repo

Daily Planner

Simple daily planner app where the user can save tasks for each hour of the day, using HTML and CSS powered by jQuery and JavaScript. I used additional methods including Moment.js, utilizing local storage, and bootstrap
You can access this project at https://juliettegondon.github.io/dailyplanner/
link to github repo

Weather Dashboard

This weather dashboard has form inputs that allow the user to search for a certain city, and based on that city name an API returns the current weather, including UV index & 5 day forecast.
link to github repo

Dinner With Developers


Dinner planning app which allows a user to search for recipes and wine pairings based upon a choice of cuisine, food type, dietary restrictions and wine pairing based upon either cuisine or food type.

I worked on the HTML, CSS (using Bulma) and Javascript to incorporate the API calls.
link to github repository

For those who don’t know, I’m a developer-to-be using my experience as content creator to create beautiful user interfaces and memorable web experiences. I’m currently in the UCONN School of Engineering full stack development course. My boot-camp experience also brought me experience in teamwork and project management. Through learning JavaScript, CSS, JQuery, and other functionalities, I’ve carved out a path for myself to become a web developer. In addition, I have a strong background in managing social media channels and tech marketing, which brings together my ability to provide meaningful online experiences for brands and users alike.

You can check out my GitHub profile here!

Add me on LinkedIn riiight about here!

Second Beach

“I want to love you like you love the sea, 

Deeply, turbulently,

Churning and leaving behind nothing

But a salty mist. 

As the tides change by the moon, 

I want to run in with you 

until we’re up to our necks.

And we’ll watch the skies turn grey

As we float to shore

Blissful and blind to the stormy seas”

– Juliette Elyse

Fall Farm Visit – Easton, CT

I missed fall last year. I didn’t experience the dreamy, autumnal New England fall scenes that I grew up with. I had been hopping from European country to country on cheap RyanAir flights, and didn’t really think twice about the change of seasons back home in Connecticut. The only orange trees I was focused on were the actual orange-bearing trees in Sevilla. I entirely forgot about the burnt orange and vibrant red colored leaves that cascade down and line the suburban New England streets. I forgot about the smells, the wet leaves, the cold sensation of pumpkin-guts on my hands, and the stomach aches that come along with eating one too many apple cider donuts.

I forgot about the magic that comes along with the bittersweet transition of summer into fall. This year, I was set on experiencing fall to the fullest. Nicole of Nicole in Colour and I set on an adventure to shoot some fall content at Silverman’s Farm in Easton, CT. We pulled up a few moments before closing, which was ideal for the photo-ops. The pumpkin patch was glowing in orange during golden hour, framed by the rolling hills and golden foliage. This scene reminded me how lucky I am to have grown up somewhere that sees all four seasons.  

Nicole and I played around in the pumpkin patches, and posed with pumpkins aplenty. There was an absolute abundance of perfectly round orange pumpkins, as well as the tiny little white ones with so much character, and the funkiest gourds you could ever dream up for your fall front porch fantasy. Then there was the country market, stocked up with goodies made right in our little state. We both left with boxes of Silverman’s famous apple cider donuts, made with their own fresh apple cider (which we obviously got too). We ended our escapades tossing kettle corn into each others mouths and giggling the night away, as the sun set over the sweeping orchards in Easton.

edited using InColour presets!
who wore it best?
quick outfit change to capture some last minute snaps before sunset!

All opinions are my own, this post is not sponsored, I just had such a good time at this cozy Connecticut farm. Photos by Nicole Morley.


“Should I tell you that I’ve been dreaming
of going back and finding my journal
and leaving the brick and ivy with you
to feel the afternoon sun and watch the steam rise from fresh bread
and sit for dinner at 9pm
and laugh because we made it”
– Juliette Elyse