Hot Yoga as a Beginner!

I sweat. A LOT. Like normally, not in Bikram Yoga – whenever I workout… I sweat like a man. But I feel like I look really good when I’m sweaty, so it’s cool.

I’m not even sure what made me interested in Bikram Yoga. I’m not super into regular yoga, but something about a hot room sounded cool… I guess? I decided to get a 2 week pass to a local studio, and signed up for my first class – which would be the next day at 6:30am.
The first class I signed up for was actually a hot pilates class, because that was the only one that worked with my crazy Thursday class schedule. So, I woke up at 5:30, got to the studio early, and was ready to DO IT!

At first, the only ones at the studio were the instructor and myself. He asked me “how’s it going?”, which I OF COURSE had to say something absolutely stupid like “I’m going good” or something like that – so awk. So I walked into the room with my towel and mat, and I found a cozy spot and sat in the 95 degree room for 10 minutes before class started. I was worried that I’d feel claustrophobic and trapped in a hot room, but it’s honestly more warm than it is hot. It feels like a warm hug, and I just sat there getting used to the room which helped me feel comfortable. I wore shorts and a tank which was perfect for the pilates class. Then two middle aged men walked in shirtless to take the class, and I realized I’d be the only woman there and got a littttle nervous – but everyone was super nice and really didn’t give a you-know-what. Seriously, I felt like one of the dudes (and sweat like one of the dudes). The instructor played some major throwback jams and the 60 minutes went by super fast. The pilates class itself was easy to follow, and I had sore abs the next day which was awesome. I sweat a lot but I wasn’t completely drenched.

I was intimidated by the length of the actual Bikram classes – 90 minutes seemed like a long time to be in a hot room. In typical Juliette fashion, I signed up for the Bikram class on a whim like 20 minutes before it started and I just trusted the process and went for it. The first class I went to was a 5:30-7pm class, and I definitely preferred the evening class over the morning class. The instructor greeted me upon my arrival – he told me that it’s okay if I have to sit down, or take a break, “dizziness or lightheadedness is normal” – but I really didn’t experience too much of that. The class was challenging, but the heat really wasn’t the biggest challenge for me! As a non-yoga person I mainly struggled with holding the poses and nailing each asana. However, the heat helped me feel more limber and flexible so I thought I did pretty well for a beginner! This time I wore shorts and a sports bra and that was definitely the right move – I looked like I jumped in a swimming pool… ABSOLUTELY DRENCHED!!!…. At the end, the instructor came up to talk with me about my experience in the class told me to come back soon – so I came back the next day. And the next. I really thing I’m hooked – plus the heat feels ah-mazing in this cold Connecticut weather. The studio I’ve been going to has fresh pressed juice so I got to sample a few of those after class, which helped my body feel “normal” again after all the heat and exertion.

My favorite part:
I really enjoyed Garurasana – Eagle pose. My second favorite was the Full Locust pose & of course, Savasana.

Least favorite part:
I had a bit of a headache after coming out of Savasana and into Utrasana – Camel pose. I’m not sure why!

My tips for you:
Just sign up for a class and go. Don’t let any anxieties get in the way.
HYDRATE before and after class! It makes all the difference.
Wear as little clothes as you are comfortable with. As a sweaty gal I can promise that the less clothes, the better. Trust me, no one cares what you look like.
If you have any questions, ask the instructor. They are there to make you feel as comfortable and safe as possible!
Push yourself – you are capable of way more than you think.
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