Let’s face it – we all are our own worst critics.

Women and men alike have hang-ups when it comes to our own bodies. Many women, myself included, can get fixated on CELLULITE. According to Dendy Engelman, M.D. (dermatologic surgeon at Manhattan Dermatology and Cosmetic Surgery), “Cellulite is very common; in fact, 93 percent of women have it”. 93% – that’s a LOT – meaning, it’s not just women with high body fat who have cellulite. Skinny chicks, athletes, and curvier girls can all share this. Truthfully, it’s no big deal. Cellulite is totally normal and SO COMMON! In the grand scheme of things, it’s truly no big deal at all. All cellulite is, is when underlying fat deposits begin to push through layers of fascia (grid-like connective tissue) beneath the skin. However, it’s not as permanent as people think. Many women think they’re stuck with cellulite based on their genetics or body type, but I’m here to tell you, there are things you can do to either diminish cellulite or completely get rid of it!

This is not sponsored at all. Ashley Black doesn’t even know I exist, neither does anyone who works for her (as far as I know). Some ladies at my gym told me about this fun little gadget. Tight fascia/connective tissue creates a grid-like “web” illusion, that when fat pushes through the grid-like tissue, causes the uneven texture of the skin (CELLULITE!). Ashley Black explains it as “a pillow pushing through a chain linked fence”. By using the FasciaBlaster, you can break up these fascial adhesions and massage out this tissue, and make everything nice and flat and smooth. I have the Mini 2. I use it 3 days a week after I workout (tissue is warmed up) in a HOT shower, with some oil. My cellulite shows up on the back of my upper thighs, so I focus on that area – but you can do it ANYWHERE! (I’ve started to fascia blast my tummy too just to reduce fascia so my abs will finally start to show). I can only say so much on this product… Ashley Black is the GURU on this stuff, girl! Her website has the most information you could ever need on this topic.
2. Cardio & Toning
By exercising (& NOT REVERSING IT WITH BAD EATING HABITS), you can lower your body fat. The less body fat you have, the less area cellulite has to spread and show itself. For me, running helps the fat MELT off my body. Literally, after a week of running up to 3 miles a day, my silhouette changes. However, cardio is not always enough to combat persistent cellulite. You can incorporate toning and strengthening exercises into your day, in addition to cardio. If you think you don’t have enough time – you’re wrong. You can do some lower body toning exercises during commercial breaks while watching TV, or in between sips of your morning coffee.
3. Get a fake tan!
If you’re pale like me, a self-tanner may help reduce the appearance of cellulite. Dimpled, cellulite-y areas are less noticeable on tan skin – this is one of my FAVES! Plus, having a bronzed glow just makes me feel that much more confident.
4. Shave your legs
I went a summer without shaving my legs, and while I loved the shorter showers (+ I thought my leg hair was really cute), I noticed my cellulite more when there was hair on my legs. Even nowadays, with way less cellulite, when my legs get stubbly, I notice the uneven tissue even more. Maybe it’s all in my head, but I SWEAR that having smooth shaven legs makes my skin look that much less dimply.

So ladies (& gents), I highly highly encourage you to embrace your bods. But, there’s always the option to work on parts of it that you aren’t in love with! Never settle. Forreals. I hated the appearance of my cellulite – but by implementing a few changes to my daily routine, and learning how to reduce the appearance, I was able to ditch the dimples! Message me on Instagram, @Juliettiful, if you want any more information or have any questions. Like I said before, this post is not sponsored at all. I’m just really happy with how my body looks at the moment, and want everyone else to know that it’s possible.

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