Fall Essentials

This fall, I have been so inspired by the warm tones and colors of the foliage, along with simple, authentic autumn pieces. I’ve carefully curated a list of my fall must haves, some of which are very affordable, and others are dream pieces.

Each item is linked, and I will go into further detail below on the subcategories of certain articles of clothing and accessories.

Step Hem Jeans
Step Hem jeans are a massive trend that every big denim company seems to be getting into this season. If you’re unfamiliar with the name, it refers to the bottom hem of jeans, which appear to be sewn together by different lengths of denim. The uneven ankle hem gives a simple pair of jeans a very fun & unique look!

Button Down Tops
While some people associate button-down tops with more formal outfits, I find them to be an essential piece to every wardrobe for casual purposes too! The three I’ve linked are all from Madewell – they are of great quality and can be paired with jeans for a cute and comfy look, or with slacks for a more formal look. Flannel print, pinstripe, and blush pink, oh my!

Zodiac Sign Tee
Shout out to all of my Libra gals – this tee was literally made for us. Luckily, J-Crew has a tee for EVERYONE! Here’s one for my Scorpio babes.

Jewel Tone Bralettes
Jewel tones will never go out of style. I love jewel-tone bralettes because they can peek out of any button down, white tee, or off the shoulder top and totally spice up an outfit.

Step Hem Jeans
Libra Tee
Suede Belt
Leather Jacket
Jean Jacket
Lace Bralette
Velvet Bralette
Tassel Earrings
Pajama Set
Pinstripe Button Down
Flannel Button Down
Light Pink Button Down
Wink Clutch
Gucci Bag
Celine Bag

Let me know your favorite fall essentials, either in a comment below, or tag me in an instagram post – @Juliettiful!

Sending love & light! Juliette

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