I have passion for finding the beautiful things in life. I currently spend my time in Connecticut, after living in Rhode Island for a while. My heart is in Sevilla, Spain, where I studied abroad my senior year of college. I feel it in my soul that I need to be back there eventually. I sometimes write poetry about these places and feelings – you may stumble across some of that on here! 

Truth be told, I’m a self-proclaimed caffeine addict, and a lover of fashion, decor, and anything bright and fun. That being said, I’m always on the hunt for little coffee shops or funky eclectic cafes. Those are my second favorite things to take pictures of, the first being my outfits of course. I switch between a Canon Rebel & my iPhone – sometimes I just have no desire to lug around a big camera. I also love working with and supporting other local bloggers, photographers and creatives! If you are looking to collaborate – click here!

Right now, I’m living my post-grad life blogging and studying web development in a coding boot camp. I miss my family dogs, Nora and Lulu – you’ll see a lot of Nora on my Instagram stories, Lulu is pretty shy. Speaking of stories, I created a series on my Instagram called Toot or Boot where I let my viewers vote on clothing items I try on in stores. If you love it – TOOT IT! If you don’t, BOOT IT. Instagram is my primary network (@Juliettiful) but here at Juliettiful.com is where you can find my blog work. This website was born in 2013 but completely renovated recently to match my ever-evolving style. I also privately manage social media for a wide variety of businesses!