La Moda Italiana

Buongiorno amici! It’s a well known fact that Milan, Italy is one of the fashion capitals of the world. Sure, we all associate Italy with impeccable taste and exquisite fashion sense – but it is truly something that we need to see to understand. Italian fashion is full of intricate patterns and embellishments, chic clean style, and an effortlessly fabulous vibe.

I am currently in an introductory level Italian class, and we are simply scratching the surface of this beautiful romance language. We often discuss the culture, and fashion is a massive part of that. In fact, my professor, who lived in Italy, told us that people dress up just to go out to run errands. I admire this and wish I had the motivation to dress nicely without a cause!

One subject we touched upon is Italian Designers. I reached out to my followers to ask them their favorite Italian designers, so I could put together a collection of my favorite looks. The top picks were (of course), Gucci, Valentino, and Prada. My personal favorites include Prada and Moschino. In fact, my glasses are by Prada and I frequently use a Moschino phone case. I’ve had bad vision all of my life – my first pair of glasses was a hot pink Versace frame!

Below is a gallery of my favorite looks from this past season’s Milan Fashion Week 2017. Unfortunately, I’ve been here in CT admiring all the looks from the screen of my laptop, but I hope to someday attend. Going to New York Fashion Week was such an incredible experience, and I am forever grateful – but Milan is calling my name. Enjoy these looks that I am totally in love with.

Con amore, xox Juliette

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