Love in Lace & Embroidery

When putting pieces together, I’m always attracted to a simple top and a funky bottom, or vice versa. Lace and embroidery are neither simple nor eccentric, which is why they make such a happy medium when paired together!

I paired this lace top with this amazingly stylish pair of jeans that both share a romantic maroon tone. Since trends such as embroidery may not be in next season, I opted for a less expensive pair of jeans than the Gucci snake jeans… but hey, if they’re in your budget I say go for it!

The top comes with a built in bralette so you don’t have to worry about finding a matching one. To my ladies with the smaller boobs, you probably don’t even need to wear a bra with this lace top, which is such a win. The jeans are also ridiculously comfortable. It’s 2017 people, we don’t need jeans that feel like cardboard anymore! This is the future of fashion. Make it happen!

If you buy any of these products be sure to tag me on instagram so I can see how you recreated the look! @juliettifulĀ 

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