Raynaud’s – the WORST part of cold weather

Last Wednesday, the wind chill and cool Connecticut fall weather had me in a baaad mood. Cold weather brings out my inner b*tch… View Post

Holiday Gift Guide – Jewelry Gift Guide

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Holiday Gift Guide – Women’s Gifts: The Cozy Girl

The holidays are around the corner!

I rounded up my top picks for the cozy girl View Post

Living My Best Life in Almay

This past month, I had the pleasure to attend College Fashion Week, up in Boston! I was able to meet a bunch of girls around my age with the same passion as me, which is seriously so unreal. I was able to meet some followers & friends, and got a ton of fun goodies! View Post

Hot Yoga as a Beginner!

I sweat. A LOT. Like normally, not in Bikram Yoga – whenever I workout… I sweat like a man. But I feel like I look really good when I’m sweaty, so it’s cool. View Post