25 Self-Care Tips!

Practicing self-care is something we can all benefit from. Taking extra time to care for yourself can be the best way to manage stress and just feel better all around.

You may think of self-care as mindfulness, pampering oneself, indulging in a favorite activity, or just decompressing. Truthfully, there are thousands of different methods to go the extra mile to care for yourself – everyone has their own. View Post

The LBD Monologue

They say every girl needs a little black dress, right? I mean, it’s versatile, sexy, convenient, and flattering. You can wear a little black dress to a semi formal event, or you can simply wear it out running errands. It’s all about how you style it.

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Love in Lace & Embroidery

When putting pieces together, I’m always attracted to a simple top and a funky bottom, or vice versa. Lace and embroidery are neither simple nor eccentric, which is why they make such a happy medium when paired together!

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