3 Simple Tips to STEP UP your INSTAGRAM!

Are you trying to step up your Instagram game? Whether you are trying to make your feed look more cohesive or you are trying to build a brand for yourself, consider these three tips.

1) Quality over quantity:

As a fashion and lifestyle blogger, the content of my shots can vary from pictures of my puppy to designer accessories. While it is totally acceptable to have variety in your photos, try to choose only the best photos for your feed. For instance: you are aiming for a fashion-blogger-esque feed, then all of the sudden your followers see a grainy picture of microwaved leftovers. Choose high quality photos with attractive content, even if it means posting less!

2) Use editing apps wisely:

In order to have a cohesive feed, it is very important that your pictures flow together. That being said, the simplest way to create that visual flow is by editing all photos in the same way. I tend to stick to the same filter on VSCO – and I NEVER put any filter on its maximum power. Check to make sure your sharpness, saturation, and exposure are all on mild settings. Overediting photos can distract from the actual content!

3) Don’t do brand deals just to do brand deals.

It is always exciting to work with other companies and network via Instagram. When a company or brand reaches out to you, ask yourself the following questions:
Do I actually love these products?
Do I only want this because it’s free?
Should I be getting compensated for this?
Be genuine in your reviews, and think before agreeing to brand deals. No matter your goal as an Instagrammer, your followers will always appreciate sincerity.


These are simply rules that I abide by, and I firmly believe that Instagram is a form of self-expression – so take that, and run with it! Make your Instagram your very own.

With love

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