I have no Monday classes which means I tend to catch up on work, homework, and content creation that day.

When it comes to shooting pictures though, most of my go-to friend photogs are busy on Mondays, so I’ve learned how to get a few dope solo shots in minimal time, with minimal equipment! Read on and I’ll share some of my best pointers with you


When I am shooting solo, I tend to use my iPhone on self-timer mode. I use the back camera, and prop it up on something sturdy! You can also play with angles. I like taking some upwards shots, or even balancing my phone on my passengers side door and getting a shot of myself in the driver’s seat. Get creative with it! You don’t have to just pose in front of a plain wall, although sometimes those shots are great too.

Another idea for iPhone shots may seem obvious, but I know some people avoid them… SELFIES! I rarely post a selfie (front facing selfie camera) but when I do I have really great engagement. Your Instagram followers will be happy to see a more personal shot. Selfies are relatable – everyone takes them! Sometimes these bloggers and influencers we all look up to have amazing, high quality curated shots that take an entire team to create. But, that can be unrealistic. I am very pro-selfie, it connects you to your audience!

If I want a higher quality shot, I will set up my Canon Rebel T6 on a tripod and use WiFi connectivity to use my phone as a remote! Not all cameras have this ability… if you are on the market for a new camera definitely look for one with WiFi connectivity. When I am taking some solo shots on my camera, I tend to opt for simple backgrounds because focusing the lens can be difficult with busy backgrounds.


Your favorite wall. Every blogger has one…

One of my go-to solo shoot spots is the top of a parking garage. The top floor of a parking garage usually has the least amount of cars, and a beautiful view of the sky or skyline.

Solo shots inside your house or room are always a comfortable option. Tidy up, find a well lit area of your home, and set up shop! Whether it’s in your bedroom, kitchen, or even front step – these shots always turn out great.

If you leave near a beach or another body of water, take advantage of the simple yet beautiful scenery. These shots are often fun and turn out best when the weather is nice.


When going on a solo photoshoot journey, it can be intimidating to pack a ton of outfits. The easiest approach is undoubtedly pulling some basics together – a plain or graphic tee and jeans.
The fun comes with accessories – you can bring 2-3 pairs of shoes and 2-3 jackets and have entirely different looks. Throw in a hat, a hair scarf, or a statement bag and BAM! You can easily have 4 total looks. Below you’ll see 4 looks I’ve created using the same tee and jeans but with different accessories!

TEE is linked here, and JEANS here!

Outfit 1:

Outfit 2:

Outfit 3:

Outfit 4:
dark sneakers
light sneakers


Shooting alone may seem awkward, intimidating, or even embarrassing. I promise you, it’s not. Play some music from your car if it’s nearby, smile at strangers who may stare at you, and be sure to have fun! Self shot pictures sometimes take a little extra work, so be patient with yourself. Solo shoots are a great way to connect with yourself and bang out some killer content for your page! XO Juliette

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