Starting Fresh

Hey you! If you’ve clicked the link in my instagram bio and ended up on this page, welcome! If you’re a frequent flyer over here at Juliettiful, you may notice that things seem different.

I promise I’ll address that in a second! First off, I hope you are having a fabulous day and that my page can temporarily distract you from anything that may be bugging you. I’ve noticed that when I give myself time to relax and write up a blog post, everything else in life seems to dissipate. I hope you are able to find your niche that does what blogging does for me.


So, I changed my host. I used Wix in the past for blogging but found it super inconvenient and troubling. I purchased my domain through GoDaddy, which is where I host my blog from now. I initially chose Wix for blogging because advertisements had made it seem so simple and easy to navigate – which for the most part, it was. When I hit a bump in the road, however, things were beyond challenging. In my 2 years of using Wix as a host, I have NEVER gotten through to their customer service. I have called dozens of times, and never spoken with an actual representative. Since GoDaddy held my domain, I was able to reach out to them for help, and they have always been extremely resourceful. Their representatives are personable and full of knowledge regarding a variety of topics, and they were able to point me in the right direction. Additionally, my Wix site was always ridiculously slow to load. When I would show a friend or classmate my blog, I’d always have to excuse myself for my websites insanely long loading time.
Now that I’m all caught up on my new page, I encourage you to come back and see the many exciting blog posts and amazing features that I have coming up soon!

Xo, Juliette

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