Web Development Portfolio

Employee Template Generator

command line application uses node, npm, javascript, dynamically generates a webpage for an engineering team.

link to github repo

Employee Template Generator

README.md Generator

This project uses javascript, node, npm, and markdown to dynamically generate README files from user input.

link to github repo

Daily Planner

Simple daily planner app where the user can save tasks for each hour of the day, using HTML and CSS powered by jQuery and JavaScript. I used additional methods including Moment.js, utilizing local storage, and bootstrap
You can access this project at https://juliettegondon.github.io/dailyplanner/
link to github repo

Weather Dashboard

This weather dashboard has form inputs that allow the user to search for a certain city, and based on that city name an API returns the current weather, including UV index & 5 day forecast.
link to github repo

Dinner With Developers


Dinner planning app which allows a user to search for recipes and wine pairings based upon a choice of cuisine, food type, dietary restrictions and wine pairing based upon either cuisine or food type.

I worked on the HTML, CSS (using Bulma) and Javascript to incorporate the API calls.
link to github repository

For those who don’t know, I’m a developer-to-be using my experience as content creator to create beautiful user interfaces and memorable web experiences. I’m currently in the UCONN School of Engineering full stack development course. My boot-camp experience also brought me experience in teamwork and project management. Through learning JavaScript, CSS, JQuery, and other functionalities, I’ve carved out a path for myself to become a web developer. In addition, I have a strong background in managing social media channels and tech marketing, which brings together my ability to provide meaningful online experiences for brands and users alike.

You can check out my GitHub profile here!

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